What Type of Educational Institution is Franchise able?

There are three fields that will never cease to return investments- Hospitality, healthcare and Education. These can be considered as the economic backbone of any country. Education franchise in Singapore is highly lucrative with so many diverse options to choose from. Not restricted to preschools, this franchise extends to professional training programs, vocational studies and certification courses.

The institutions that are available as a franchise are characterized by:

* Training and technical proficiency

* Getting in popular brand names which are synonymous with education

* Providing the necessary support system which includes supplying the study material, staff training, IT support and other maintenance.

Educational institutes that can be franchised:

* Preschools: Preschool education is fundamental in laying the required ground work for a successful career. At Franchinseone.asia, the popular preschool options available are Mulberry, Red School House and Sheffield Kidsworld.

* Enrichment classes: Apart from formal education, secondary enrichment training helps in building a strong EQ. The available franchise options include:

a. People Impact: People Impact provides programs that are certified for children in the age group of 0-18. A few programs included are Think Impact, Leader Impact and Brain Impact. These registered certification courses hone soft skills, boost self-confidence, develop leadership qualities, and improve time and money management. Apart from soft skill training, math and arithmetic classes are also provided.

b. Nueromath: A trusted teaching brand that is renowned for its excellent math training is Nueromath. Training is provided for preschoolers, middle school children, and integrated programs and for secondary school students. The number of students Neuromath has helped grows by the day. Students who have attended classes at Neuromath have scored top grades in O-Level and PSLE. This is a profitable business idea for those who are passionate about teaching and education. The syllabus is also designed around MOE.

c. SAM: Seriously Addictive Mathematics (SAM) is another math based training program for children who fall under the age group of 4-12 years. The curriculum is fashioned to supplement formal schooling.

d. The City: Learning while playing is the spirit of The City. Termed as the Edutainment model, the curriculum is the perfect mix of teaching and play time. The City is an attractive franchise opportunity because of its low cost for maintenance and set up.

e. StagMatch: Tuition to improve math, science and language, StagMatch has successfully guided many students over the years to achieve excellent academic records.

To explore more available education franchise, visit Franchiseone.asia.

Role of Playgroups in building confidence

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of confidence is “a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something”. Going by the definition, confidence is a belief that success can be achieved. It is therefore proved that success and confidence are intrinsically connected. To achieve success, confidence is as indispensable as hard work. Also, achieving success only bolsters one’s confidence.

Another term that is often synonymously used with confidence is self-confidence. To even perform the basic duties of life and to take up responsibilities, self-confidence is needed. It is important to build one’s confidence in one’s self as that will help one to wade through cascading opinions of others that will fan the flames of self-doubt. To know what you are capable of or how far you can pull yourself, self-confidence is crucial. Relying on other people to guide you will only ruin your individuality. This will make you a puppet in the hands of others who can take you for granted and further take undue advantage of you. This will only give birth to frustration and depression that will ruin the mental health of any individual and even cause harm to one’s physical being.

Role of playgroup:

Playgroups are the first social group that an individual becomes a part of, after being a part of one’s family. Hence the impact of the playgroup on the child is huge. Especially in urban metropolitan societies like that of Singapore, playgroups play a vital role in shaping the child’s personality.

Playgroup in Singapore makes the child realize and understand that he or she can survive take care of himself or herself outside home. They can live without the support of one’s family. This is the first boost to one’s confidence in one’s self. Playgroup in Singapore also make the children share and collaborate amongst themselves. This enhances their communication skills and by being able to express one’s self better, one can communicate more effectively. Effective communication also is a great boost to one’s confidence.

It is this confidence that helps the child cope with the more institutionalized environment of the school and also bear academic pressure. Thus developing confidence makes one believe and feel certain that they can achieve anything in life. This further helps in overcoming all negativity in life that acts as a huge impediment to achieving success in life. Thus for the child to grow up to be a successful individual, playgroup plays a very important role.

Enroll Your Child in One of These Top 5 Pre- Schools in Singapore

The age between 2 and 5 is a vital learning time for children. During this time the child is introduced to concepts that she will carry forward throughout her living years. The idea of numbers, counting, naming animals, good manners etc., is defined by teachers at the play/ nursery schools.

The main advantage of enrolling your child into a pre-school is that she learns in an environment specific for that purpose and amongst children of the same age. The effective concept of group classes is highlighted through the chosen medium of education. As a parent, post making up your mind on sending the child to pre-school, the next big question is- which one?

Here is a list of the best nursery in Singapore:

1. Our Juniors Scoolhouse: With a determination of becoming one of the best pre-schools in Singapore, Our Juniors Schoolhouse centers are distributed throughout Singapore. The high quality of care and education makes this school a popular choice.

2. Australian International School: Located in Serangoon, the Australian International School is popular for its facilities, materials accessibility and quality of training staff. The pre-school and the nursery adapt an international twist and maintain the same standards in curriculum, purposeful play and enforcing principles.

3. Between Two Trees: Located in Holland Village, children between the ages of 18 months to the age of 6 are accepted here. This school offers bilingual teaching and the ambiance is a charming and learning oriented. The primary focus of the curriculum is to keep the children in pace with the latest development and teaching trends. Great emphasis is placed on science and math learning.

4. Blue House Nursery & International School: Located on Turf club Road, this school adheres to the Reggio Emilia standards and is open for admission for students of 18 months and above (till the age of 6). The primary learning approach is play based- fun while you learn.

5. Brainy Child Montessori: An apt name for a superlative institution- Brainy Child teaches through challenging the child to explore new ideas and implement what they’ve learnt. Admissions are open for kids over 18 months to 6 years. You can choose between the full day and half day program.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, other popular nursey school choices in Singapore include Brighton Montessori, Canadian International School, Eton House, GEMS World Academy, German European School and Pre- School for Multiple Intelligences.

Ways On How To Prepare Your Children For Playgroup

The early childhood is the stage where the child needs much support. This is a very crucial stage, therefore, parents should give all of their efforts in order to attend unto the everyday needs of their child. They should be responsible and have extra patience.

Children needed to be care and nurtured. They should be taught the right things to do at an early age so that they will become a better individual in the near future. One way in order to properly teach them is to send them to playgroup in Singapore .

These institutions will mold your children and would help them to develop their hidden skills and talent. It will serve as their training ground so that they will become the best leaders in our society. Here are few ways to help you to prepare your kids for his first day.

Schedule an earlier bedtime. Your child should practice to sleep early. You should instruct him to sleep at this specific time. This will help his body to prepare for his first day. Doing such will also help him to have enough strength that he needs for his classes.

Read unto him some books. Before the school would start, you should read books unto him. You can buy some of it in the bookstores and other nearest bookshops for children. It would enable him to get focused on things. It will also practice his listening comprehension, and it will also be helpful for teachers since they will not find it hard to make kids get focused.

Develop self help. Sending you kids to these kinds of centers will encourage him to become independent. But before such, you should train him on how to help himself. One thing that you have to teach unto him is the potty training. This is very important in order to avoid disasters in school.

Make a visit to the school. You should allocate some time to visit the center. This will help them to be familiar about place. Introducing them to the teachers before the school starts will also be a great help for it will make him feel confident about the people in such place.

Enhance his confidence. You, as the parents, should boost the confidence level of your kid so that he will not be afraid when faced with so many people. Teach him some tips on how to make friends with others in the center and how to socialize. Through this, he will really enjoy his sessions in that institution.

Why Parents Consider Early Education Important To Their Youth

Early education is what sets apart toddlers who proceed to elementary school without the foundational skills and toddlers who do. One can easily tell apart the child who is very apt in their studies and the child who has a hard time catching up with a lesson. However every child learns at their own phase and succeeds at their own merit and hardwork.

No one can truly force good grades and success especially for a child who is still in developing stages. Therefore parents know even with that kind of uncertainty they can only help their toddler succeed by enrolling them in child care centres in Singapore . Because parents understand how crucial it is at the developing stages toddlers need to learn basic language and arithmetic skills.

More over early education have a curriculum that is not only good to foster exceptional study skills but also teaches youth how to assimilate themselves in community. Aside youth also learn what roles they play in life and prepare them for it too. And the curriculum itself allows children to explore other areas of studies and possible career paths they can choose.

Hence it is very important children are given the right to study and pursue a path in life of their own choosing. It is enough for guardians to send their children to school and guide them in the early stages however guardians should learn to trust other members of the community to help mold their children into great and upright citizens. Sending a child to school as early as four to five years old in the institution they soon learn how to perform basic arithmetic skills such as subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication.

Furthermore children not only learn how to read, speak, write, and listen along to the English language. But they are also taught other foreign languages such as Mandarin Chinese as well as their dialect. More over children are given the opportunity to play as they learn and a good example is allowing children to act out or play pretend.

Here kids don on a professional character and act out the role and the duties that come along with it. Aside that each kid takes turns in the role they are given and experience for themselves what is it like to be. Besides that guardians also have the chance to visit during class hours and participate in class sessions.

Not many institutions allow parents to join classes especially during class hours. Because some institution believe that parents can disrupt the flow of the lessons and would distract other students as well. However new curriculums and teachers have agreed that allowing parents to participate along with their kids is a good way to create a teaching plan for most teachers.

Because teachers want to provide good and holistic education to their students. And also important that they are able to understand the child based on their social background, family environment, and their parents behavior and personality. And due to this teachers find this kind of curriculum an efficient method of delivering learning materials and improving their students class standing.

New Age Learning: Top 8 YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish

Learning a new language on the web is easier to do in the present day than a decade ago. Some may prefer not to attend traditional language classes. Instead they turn to self-learning. For those who need the human contact in order to learn, there are many Spanish classes in Singapore that you can enroll into YouTube is a great source to supplement main learning with helpful tips and videos on pronunciation, culture and vocabulary. These videos are user-uploaded by native Spanish speakers and present a first-hand experience of the street language.

Top eight YouTube channels to learn Spanish

1. LearningLikeCrazy: This channel is as informative as it is fun. It is a good source for beginners and the channel provides lessons for other languages as well.

2. Thespanishblog: The blog opens access to a native Spanish tutor on a daily basis. Run by Laura Garrido Eslava, video are uploaded daily on the YouTube channel as well as her personal blog. The videos help learners’ master pronunciation and vocabulary. If you like learning on the go, download the classes in mp3 format.

3. SpanishDict: The videos on this channel are informative and structurally organized. All videos are uploaded in high quality and get you keyed up about learning the language. The videos are mostly uploaded by non-native speakers so pronunciation may not seem authentic.

4. Languagenow: If you want to learn in a formal atmosphere then Professor Jason’s channel is a must visit. There are comprehensive step-by-step videos lessons in both Spanish and Portugal. The lengthy videos are informative and organized.

5. Spanishlanguagesite: The name is quite a give-away; the videos on this site are uploaded by professionals to make the task of learning Spanish easier. The main focus of all videos is on pronunciation. If you like the videos, do check out their podcast.

6. eHow: The channel has an extensive collection of ‘how to’ videos along with Spanish basics for day to day usage. The tutor is friendly and has impeccable pronunciation. These videos are apt for teaching small kids.

7. Learnspanish1: The videos are straight forward and professional. There is no gloss. There are tips on Spanish communication in a day to day life. Very helpful if you are traveling to Spain and need some last minute pointers.

8. Expertvillage: The videos concentrate on how to have telephonic conversations in Spanish and communication difficulties. Think of this channel as a crash course in Spanish communication.

Important Tips to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Mandarin Class

Learning a new language can will always be challenging especially when you are looking to get the best possible guidance and training. It is common to be misled in many situations and circumstances while trying to learn a new language. In many cases you could feel and be vulnerable to many institutes that are looking to make a quick buck without enlisting the imperative credentials that is required to teach a language. It is very important to look into learning a new language as an investment. It is better to pay a slightly higher amount and avoid being conned by a few people. More importantly, it is important to make an informed decision about choosing a particular language center for learning a new language. In the case of Mandarin, it is very important to ensure all the following points, especially when the culture and the language are entirely foreign to you. Here are a few rookie mistakes that you would be better off avoiding.

Ensure the legitimacy

In many cases people are susceptible towards language centers that charge a cheaper rate in learning languages. Many people think that the language will be the same no matter who teaches it and how. However, what many people do not realize is the manner of teaching language and also the type of methods that are applied. It is also important to carry out due diligence before enrolling into a language class and paying high tuition rates. A useful tip is to go to an official Mandarin classes in Singapore center that is preferably certified by the Chinese authorities

Ensure the proficiency level and certification

In most instances, people try paying lesser in order to get more out of their language centers. You must not only check the credibility and validity of the language centers, but you must also ensure that the certification of the language course that you learn is certified by the official Chinese government. If the Mandarin language course that you study is not recognized by the Chinese officials, the language that you have learnt will not qualify, and you will not have the benefit of officially stating your understanding of the language. It would behoove you to run several background checks regarding the language center through friends who have already enrolled and experienced the course. If you aren’t able to enlist the help of friends, you can always feel free to check the language center credentials online.