Enroll Your Child in One of These Top 5 Pre- Schools in Singapore

The age between 2 and 5 is a vital learning time for children. During this time the child is introduced to concepts that she will carry forward throughout her living years. The idea of numbers, counting, naming animals, good manners etc., is defined by teachers at the play/ nursery schools.

The main advantage of enrolling your child into a pre-school is that she learns in an environment specific for that purpose and amongst children of the same age. The effective concept of group classes is highlighted through the chosen medium of education. As a parent, post making up your mind on sending the child to pre-school, the next big question is- which one?

Here is a list of the best nursery in Singapore:

1. Our Juniors Scoolhouse: With a determination of becoming one of the best pre-schools in Singapore, Our Juniors Schoolhouse centers are distributed throughout Singapore. The high quality of care and education makes this school a popular choice.

2. Australian International School: Located in Serangoon, the Australian International School is popular for its facilities, materials accessibility and quality of training staff. The pre-school and the nursery adapt an international twist and maintain the same standards in curriculum, purposeful play and enforcing principles.

3. Between Two Trees: Located in Holland Village, children between the ages of 18 months to the age of 6 are accepted here. This school offers bilingual teaching and the ambiance is a charming and learning oriented. The primary focus of the curriculum is to keep the children in pace with the latest development and teaching trends. Great emphasis is placed on science and math learning.

4. Blue House Nursery & International School: Located on Turf club Road, this school adheres to the Reggio Emilia standards and is open for admission for students of 18 months and above (till the age of 6). The primary learning approach is play based- fun while you learn.

5. Brainy Child Montessori: An apt name for a superlative institution- Brainy Child teaches through challenging the child to explore new ideas and implement what they’ve learnt. Admissions are open for kids over 18 months to 6 years. You can choose between the full day and half day program.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, other popular nursey school choices in Singapore include Brighton Montessori, Canadian International School, Eton House, GEMS World Academy, German European School and Pre- School for Multiple Intelligences.

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