How to Help a Child Cope with Kindergarten


How to Help a Child Cope with Kindergarten


Kindergarten is not just a period of change for parents. Children also experience anxiety with the prospect of going to school. Is it any wonder there will always be children crying on their first day of school? It is essential for parents to prepare children for kindergarten long before they are enrolled. They need to understand this is part of the education cycle. If the child has older siblings, it would be great to involve them. It is also essential to engage the child when choosing a kindergarten. This way he will not be surprised by the change of environment since he helped select the kindergarten.

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In this article, Anne Densmore discusses some of the ways parents can prepare a child for kindergarten.


Importance of discussing the transition to kindergarten


“During the summer, I take much of my speech-language therapy practice out of the classroom and office and move it to summer camp. It can be a treat to help preschoolers develop language and social skills with their peers outside on warm summer days. Around late July, my preschoolers who are heading to kindergarten often need some extra attention.” read more here


It is essential for parents to ask their children what their fears are. One of the reasons why children panic on the first day of kindergarten is the fear of being abandoned. What are they to think? This is the first time they have been dropped in a place unknown to them. They are in the midst of strangers. If a child is given a chance to express his or her fears, and with the parents’ support, he may be brave enough to face kindergarten. He will know that at the end of the day, he will be going back home.


In this article, the author discusses the demands the current education system has on kindergarten going kids and the reason behind the anxiety experienced by parents.


Education demands require early preparedness


Kindergarten is the new first grade. That’s the word on the street if you talk to many moms of school-age kids. While your child may technically be the right age to start kindergarten, the increased academic requirements and test pressures have many parents wondering if their kids are really ready…” read more here


 Some parents worry that they are not doing enough to prepare their children for kindergarten. Their anxiety gets worse when they realize another child can easily say A to Z without difficulty yet theirs can barely get to D. This anxiety has forced many parents to delay taking their children to kindergarten, at least until they feel they have met the threshold. Unfortunately, the high expectations on children of school-going age have led to many skipping kindergarten or delaying enrolment because parents felt the child was not ready.


In this article, Dew M Chaiyanara discusses some of the things parents can do to help children in the transition to life in primary school.


Strategies to help your child respond positively to life after kindergarten


“You watched with joy when your little baby learned to crawl by himself, you celebrated the day your tiny toddler took his first steps on his own, you beamed with pride when your small preschooler learned to write his own name, and now you are holding back your bitter-sweet tears just thinking about sending him off to start Primary One.” read more here


Children like routine. When he first went to kindergarten, his routine was disrupted. He finally got used to kindergarten and even came to love it. Unfortunately, his life is about to get disrupted again with primary school. Change is not easy, even for adults. The right preparation is vital for the child to cope with the changes. The teacher and parents have an important role to play in helping a child understand why the change is necessary.


It does not matter if a child is going to primary school or kindergarten. Preparation is essential if he or she is to cope with the change that is inevitable. Preparing a child will give him the peace of mind he needs to embrace the changes. It will also be great for the parent because parents are less anxious if a child is responding well to the change.


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