How to spot whether your child has an inclination for music

Music is very innate to a child, you can’t force a child to like it or to dislike it. The same goes for vocal music. He child will either sing well or be tone deaf. It’s something that cannot be forced to do and the child will be naturally good at it. What you can do is help your child appreciate and listen to great music instead of forcing him or her to sing forcefully.

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Let us look at the various ways you can spot if your child is inclined to great music.

1. She will respond to music from a very early age and will be drawn to music at all times
If a child likes to listen to music, she or he will be drawn to it from a very early age and you will not have to force her to listen to it on an everyday basis. She will love music and you will see how she sleeps well when there is soothing music being played. When a child loves music the parent does not have to force it, it comes naturally.

2. The child will sing along and remember the tune and sing in tune on her own.
If you see that your child remembers many types of songs and is very happy while singing them and sings in tune, you will know that he or she is inclined to music. The moment you spot it you can help your child start her musical journey and hand hold her through the various dynamics involved in music such as rhythm drum lesson Singapore, melody and harmony etc. with your encouragement and support she will blossom and since she is already inclined towards music, you will never have to force her.

3. What if your child is a late bloomer or is shy?
There are many children who are shy and are late bloomers. In this case you should not be worried at all, because there are many children like that and it’s absolutely fine to be so. If your child is naturally inclined to music, she will show signs like many other children do and if you find it out later on you can start right then. There should not be any amount of force that should predominate your child’s musical journey’ as it will make her averse to music.