Preschools: Helping Kids To Level Up

Preschools: Helping Kids To Level Up

Education is the bedrock upon which any nation’s economy is built. Countries that do not take education seriously still struggle with pulling themselves out of economic doldrums. Nations like Singapore are making up policies to accommodate more kids in their school classrooms. But with the reality of different economic classes, it is obvious that some kids are always going to struggle in school. The rich are going to go the best schools and end up stealing the spotlight in the society while the less privileged kids will be on the back bench.

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Preschools are making a way out for the kids whose parents lack the financial resources to give them the education they deserve. Jane Ng will be helping us out in the subsequent paragraph.


The Right Foundation

You never know about a child’s full potentials until they are given the right support. They have what it takes to be anybody in life. But what if they are limited by their background? Well, that is what Jane Ng is here to tell us about.

Education is compulsory in Singapore only from Primary 1. But research has shown that attending pre-school helps children – especially those from poor families – level up. The children’s society’s director of research and outreach, Ms Sue Cheng, said its efforts to find children not attending pre-school started in 2009 and it looked for…Read more here!

The author stresses that kids who are from backgrounds that are not well to do no longer have to be denied quality education. Preschool sets them up in acquiring the basic learning skills. This early schooling age does instill a lot of good qualities and future habits into any child.

Preschools are helping to close that existing gap between the rich and the poor. It has the capacity of preparing them for the future by equipping them with the right foundation. So beyond the fact that it is a place where toddlers have great fun, they always end up becoming good learners.


What is early school education?

You seem to be buying into the idea of preschool, but before you go any step further you wouldn’t mind knowing a few things more like what preschool is all about? tells us what we need to know:

Early childhood education is a broad term used to describe any type of educational program that serves children in their preschool years, before they are old enough to enter kindergarten. Early childhood education may consist of any number of activities and experiences designed to aid in the cognitive and social development…Read more here!

According to the author, this is just a broad term that is used to assist kids with the right educational foundation at their very early age. They usually implement various activities to get the kids engaged. And by so doing they can become more educationally active than their counterparts who never had a chance to attend one.

Early child education like preschools are usually administered to kids who are between 3 and 5 years. It could be in the form of nursery schools or kindergarten set ups. When a child misses out from preschool, it takes them longer periods to adapt to the responsibilities in elementary schools.


The Regular Preschool Hours

Knowing the regular preschool hours at this time won’t be such a bad idea. After all, it is normal for you to know what you are getting yourself into. will be exposing us to the convenient schooling hours for your toddlers.

Preschool is a planned educational program for children in the years before a child commences school. Children are usually aged between 3 and 5 years. Preschool may take place in a range of settings including a purpose built building, in a community setting, a school, as part of a long day care center or a mobile or visiting service. Read more here!

Preschool is just perfect for you if you are the busy parent because it is usually between 9 and 3pm. During these times you just need to focus on whatever you are doing and pick them up whenever you are done. That way, it is not going to interfere with whatever you are doing.

You ought to start thinking preschool for your toddler because it doesn’t just afford you the liberty to focus on your routine tasks, but it’s also a great way to build your kids’ learning potentials so they’ll be good enough to compete with their equals. You never know what the future holds, ensure your kids’ future by sending to a preschool today.


Author: Ronald Robinson

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