The Influence of Playgroups on Children

The future of the nation is in the hands of its children, who will grow up to be torch bearers for the nation. They are the base of a nation. The children of the nation would grow up to be the responsible citizens of the nation. The youth with its enthusiasm and new ideas would form the workforce of the country. It is their ideas that would create milestones for the nation. Even the smooth running of the economy of a country depends on the youth, as they are the ones working hard and generating revenue for the nation. Therefore, it’€™s proven that children are very important for a nation.

The formative years for the child is very crucial. What the child learns in these formative years stays with him or her for the rest of the life. If proper care is not taken of the children in the initial formative years, they tend to grow up to be careless and often go astray during their teenaged years. Hence, caring is very important.

With both parents working in the modern times, it is very important to find an alternative way to provide the child with the adequate care. This is where child care centres and playgroups come into the picture.

Playgroup’s influence on the child:

Playgroups play a crucial role in the upbringing of the child. As the initial growing years of the child are spent in playgroups, what they learn there, they tend to carry with them for the rest of their lives. In places like Singapore, with both parents working and remaining busy most of the day, playgroups are even more important as they are an essentially substitutes for the parents. Playgroups in Singapore are an inevitable way out for the parents as the family setup in this cosmopolitan city is majorly nuclear.

Playgroups in Singapore have trained nurses and care givers who know how to take care of children, even in difficult situations. The way they take care of children and the values that they inculcate in a child stays with him or her for the rest of their lives. Hence the influence of the playgroup on the children is vital. This also puts an added responsibility on the shoulders of the care givers in playgroups as they are the ones who are crucial in building the future of the nation by shaping its future youth.

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